The seashells sharp ORAY written examination and interview

Time: 2011.6 interview Classes: C + + software development

The beginning to the written test subject to do

The first page of the written test:

If you were given 500,000 yuan, you will use the money to do what?

2 with not more than 30 words to give one of the most reason to hire you.

You ideal working environment?

Your personal and long-term career goals what?

Brief description of your weaknesses and strengths.

Please briefly describe your upbringing and family situation

English translation and to answer the questions raised by the English.

The companies tend to do network test some basic knowledge and networks as well as GDI programming stuff

The subject of the written test remember much, just remember the following:

1 what is the interrupt, the interrupt occurs, the CPU what is being done?

2. Describe briefly the POST and GET methods in the HTTP protocol, the role of the difference

Briefly outline the use of the Mutex, Semaphore

4 List standard Socket correlation function and specified purpose

5 What is DNS and realization of the principle

Coding questions:

Demonstration with the most simple code to SQLSERVER use ADO to access a table in C + +, and returns the contents of the first row and first column integer field

Known to the handle of the window, the window to draw a red line of any length with GDI DC.

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