Principles of Computer Organization …..

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The computer system consists of two parts of the hardware and software components.
(1) the composition of the hardware (input devices, output devices, memory, arithmetic unit, controller)
Input devices: computer from external information devices such as a mouse, keyboard, light pen, scanner, microphone, digital camera, camera,
Tablet output device: the results of the computer processing of information expressed in the form of people able to identify devices such as monitors, printers, plotters, speakers, projector memory: such as a hard disk, optical drive, U disk operations: arithmetic, logical operations controller: If the instruction is fetched from memory, the control computer part of the coordinated operation of the controller and the computing unit is integrated in the CPU(2) the composition of the software software-defined: the program and related documentation collectively referred to as software: system software (the use and management of computer software) and application software (designed for the preparation of an application software)
Common system software: operating systems, database management systems and programming languages ??common applications: the auxiliary teaching software, CAD software, word processing software,
Information management software and automatic control software

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